Caribbean Report 25-07-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. CARICOM’s support for Montserrat as the island prepares to discuss its future with Britain. Prime Minister of St Kitts-Nevis, Denzil Douglas is interviewed (00:29-02:11)
3. Depositors of a failed bank in Jamaica are about to have their savings returned. Cosmo Brooks, President of the Negotiating Team is interviewed and Carol Orr reports (02:12-06:38)
4. The Executive Director of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, Charles Ross in an interview speaks about the increasing trade with Latin America (06:39-08:01)
5. An Ecuadorian official says the present banana dispute could test the credibility of the WTO dispute settlement procedure. Vice Minister for Foreign Trade, Teodoro Maldonado is interviewed (08:02-08:39)
6. A bill aimed at ending the lucrative government subsidies enjoyed by American sugar producers failed in Congress on Thursday (08:40-09:02)
7. Just how viable is logging in Guyana? Not very says the spokesman for the World Rainforest Movement, Marcus Colchester in an interview. (09:03-11:35)
8. The former Haitian Police Chief, Joseph-Michel Francois, has been freed from prison in Honduras. He has been charged with drug trafficking by a court in Florida (11:36-12:03)
9. A judge in Britain has dismissed the case against a black man because of what it described as a false police arrest procedure (12:04-15:25)