Caribbean Report 30-09-1992



Table of Contents

1. A special look at the first anniversary of the coup in Haiti. Clips are played of an interview between President Aristide and correspondent Hugh Crosskill and of contributions made by US Congressman Charles Rangel, Trinidadian economist Lloyd Best and St. Lucia’s Prime Minister John Compton after the coup in 1991. (00:00-04:42)
2. Caribbean Rights urges CARICOM to exercise new efforts to involve the UN in solving the crisis in Haiti (04:43-04:56)
3. President Jean Bertrand Aristide asks that active but non-violent resistance be applied to the de facto government in Haiti. Correspondent Yvette Collymore reports on the peaceful protest led by Haitians in New York calling for the return of President Aristide. (04:57-07:32)
4. Michael Norton reports on the anniversary activities which mark the coup in Haiti. (07:33-09:04)
5. Guyana’s Elections Commission turns down a request by the ruling People’s National Congress to have members of the security forces who did not vote on Monday do so on election day. Sharief Khan explores the reasons for turning down the request. (09:05-10:42)
6. Sandra Baptiste talks with President Desmond Hoyte about improvements in Guyana’s economic growth and the standard of living under his leadership. However, Dr. Fenton Ramsahoye former attorney general questions President Hoyte’s claims. (10:43-14:31)