Caribbean Report 13-07-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-0031)
2. The International Sugar Organization which brings together all the world’s sugar producers announces that it could be forced to close by month end if outstanding dues are not paid by member countries. Debbie Ransome reports (00:32-02:32)
3. Correspondent Lionel Martin reports on the changes made by the Cuban National Assembly following a three-day meeting (02:33-04:57)
4. Grenadian Prime Minister, Nicholas Brathwaite, the Dominican Prime Minister Dame Eugenia Charles and CARICOM Secretary Designate Edwin Carrington express the belief that the region can benefit from Cuban expertise in a number of fields. Correspondent Sandra Baptiste reports (04:58-08:13)
5. Antonio Colorado, Puerto Rico’s Permanent Commissioner to the US House of Representatives believes that the Caribbean can get the most from both the European and North American trade blocs (08:14-10:23)
6. Trinidadian high school students and their liaison supervisor Maureen Bartholomew, who worked with CARICOM delegates at the recently concluded CARICOM Heads of Government Summit, share their opinions on the regional integration movement (10:24-14:50)