Caribbean Report 08-01-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Britain slaps visa restrictions on Jamaican visitors travelling to the UK. It is a measure designed to curb crime and prevent long delays for visitors at immigration control. Ben Meade reports. Beverley Hughes, British Home Office Minister defends the new visa regime. K. D. Knight, Jamaica’s Foreign Minister admits that the UK decision is not unexpected (00:26-06:59)
3. Executives at Air Jamaica express concern about the possible devastating effect of the visa restrictions on commercial travel. Christopher Zacca, Air Jamaica’s Deputy Chairman says the company is yet to place a figure representing cost to the airline. Conrad Hamilton reports (07:00-09:03)
4. The Chinese government has written off debt of over twenty million dollars owed by Guyana dating back to loans from 1963. The thirty-nine member Chinese delegation will visit several other Caribbean countries. Mike Jarvis reports (09:04-10:30)
5. Efforts by the management of the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) to retrench one third of its workforce have run into problems and industrial action has been taken by Technical and Allied Workers' Union (TAWU). Chester Humphrey, TAWU, President explains the situation (10:31-13:24)
6. In Venezuela, national guardsmen use tear gas to disperse supporters of President Hugo Chavez on the thirty-eight day of a general strike against the government. The Venezuelan crisis has led to fuel price hikes in several countries (13:25-13:51)
7. A British father and son are not far from ending a single handed yacht race across the Atlantic. Fifteen year old Seb Clover is hoping to beat his father Ian's record and become the youngest to sail single handed across the Atlantic. BBC's Rosie Hayes reports (13:52-15:30)