Caribbean Report 10-02-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Bertram Niles (00:00-00:26)
2. Teachers in Jamaica begin a two-day work stoppage over a pay dispute with the government and threaten to continue action weekly until a satisfactory conclusion is reached. From Kingston, the BBC’s Conrad Hamilton reports (00:27-03:05)
3. Industrial action in Dominica causes hundreds of stranded commuters and non-attendance of children at school as bus drivers blocked roads for an immediate hike in fares. Reginald Austrie, Minister of Works responsible for public transport quickly addresses the impasse as evidenced by a press release. Roy Marshall of the National Bus Drivers’ Association expresses satisfaction with the two-day outcome initiated by a hike in fuel costs and inflation. The BBC’s Paul Charles reports (03:06-05:33)
4. The West Indies cricket team travels to Port Elizabeth, South Africa for their second match in the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup. Ricky Skerritt, West Indies Manager says that the team has learnt from its deflating experience in Sri Lanka and offers his comments on the team’s overall performance (05:34-08:38)
5. The Brazilian government rejects a request from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries not to challenge the European Union’s sugar policy which offers preferential terms to ACP countries. Brazil and Australia have launched a complaint with the World Trade Organisation against the prices being paid. Clement Rohee, Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs is interviewed as a member of the ACP delegation that traveled to Brazil for the purpose of lobbying its officials. BBC’s Ken Richards reports (08:39-10:50)
6. The main opposition party in the Turks and Caicos Islands says it is worried about fairness in the forthcoming elections. Michael Misick, PNP leader expresses his concerns and Hugh Derek Taylor, Chief Minister dismisses Mr. Misick’s comments as the antics of an opposition destined to failure. BBC correspondent Ken Richards reports (10:51-14:09)
7. After decades, since 1947, the US navy undertakes its last scheduled bomb training exercise on the Island of Vieques, where a naval training range is located on an island municipality of Puerto Rico. BBC correspondent Rosie Hayes reports (14:10-15:30)