Caribbean Report 24-07-2002

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. St. Lucia’s Prime Minister has called for an end to the political crisis in Guyana. Dr. Anthony Kennedy held talks with Caricom General Secretariat Dr. Edward Carrington and warned that such crisis can put societies at risk. The Economic Summit due to take place in St. Lucia will focus on reversing economic decline amongst the Caricom member states (00:28-02:25)
3. Sheila Holder, a member of parliament in Guyana, spoke with Rosie Hayes about the possible civil unrest in the country. She said the situation is frightening and it threatens survival of the state (02:27-02:25)
4. The Bahamas and Haiti are holding a one-day discussion on the high level of illegal immigration. This has cost the government more than USD$600,000.00 in repatriation. Jerome Sawyer reports that a high level of senior diplomatic mission is in Haiti for Diplomatic talks. It is being led by Foreign Minister, Fred Mitchell. They are meeting with Jean Bertrand Aristide, Haitian President, and the Haitian Foreign minister (04:53-06:36)
5. Lou Smith, reports that there has been strong reaction to Grenadian Prime Minister, Keith Mitchel’s decision to take in eleven prisoners from St. Lucia. The opposition minister sees this move as a clear indication that the Prime Minister, cannot govern the country. He holds responsibility for National Security, which Mr. Baptiste believes he should relinquish (06:37-09:14)
6. The British Virgin Islands may be refusing entry to anyone with Rasta dreadlocks. A law known as Rasta Law dating back to 1980 requires Immigration Officers to turn away anyone suspected of being Rastafarian. On Tuesday about 150 protesters took to the streets calling for change to the Rasta Law (09:15-11:57)
7. A suggestion that Dominica should sever relations with Taiwan in favour of China has put a public servant in hot water. Ken Richards reports that Ronald Charles a Forestry Officer has argued that Taipei should do more for Rousseau. He published his views in a public newspaper and faces disciplinary action (11:58-13:53)
8. July 25th – August 4th the Commonwealth Games will be up and running. From Boldon to Quarry the Caribbean has always punched above its weight in Track and Field and will be a real force to reckon with in Manchester. Natalie Williams, Ben Meade, and Orin Gordon report (13:55-15:26)