Caribbean Report 07-01-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. The Supreme Court of Jamaica’s decision to carry out the death sentence of prisoner Neville Lewis is heading for the Privy Council. Correspondent Keith Stone Greaves reports on the decision (00:28-01:45)
3. The Organization of American States has been invited by Grenada’s Prime Minister to send in an observer team to monitor the upcoming elections. Prime Minister Keith Mitchel and Ambassador Christopher Thomas, Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, are interviewed by Ken Richards (01:46-06:03)
4. Air France has merged with Air Guadeloupe and Air Martinique to form the first French Caribbean airline group. Geraldine Coughlan reports that the group is hoping to have a solid Cayenne to Miami route in two years (06:04-07:10)
5. Lloyd Axworthy, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is expected to sign an agreement with Cuba for co-operation against drug trafficking, and to allow persons convicted in each other’s country to return home to serve out jail sentences. Correspondent Tom Gibb reports on the relationship between Cuba and Canada (07:11-08:52)
6. Britain’s International Development Minister, George Foulkes, along with the Chief Minister of Montserrat, David Brant will sign a new £75 million development plan for the island (08:53-09:16)
7. President elect of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has had to cancel his trip to the Dominican Republic at the last minute. Correspondent Jean Michel Caroit outlines the relationship between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic (09:17-10:45)
8. The National Farmers’ Union of Antigua and Barbuda wants to extend the country’s reach on the regional and extra regional markets through agro-processing. Caudley George, president of National Farmers’ Union of Antigua and Barbuda is interviewed by Ken Richards (10:46-13:07)
9. The abysmal defeat of the West Indies in South Africa has caught the imagination of British sports writers. Debbie Ransome outlines the reaction of the British press to the utter collapse of the West Indies in South Africa (13:08-15:21)