Caribbean Report 08-09-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Hundreds died in a ferry disaster in Haiti. Journalist Michael Norton reports (00:27-03:34)
3. The European Union and the Caribbean banana producers are bracing for changes to the EU banana regime. Terry Wynn, Member of the European Parliament and OECS Ambassador Edwin Laurent are interviewed (03:35-09:53)
4. Guyanese voters could go to the polls by December. Colin Smith reports (09:54-11:27)
5. Lawyers fighting to save Trinidad born British businessman Krishna Maharaj from the electric chair have accused the State of Florida of framing him for the murder of two businessmen. Lawyer Ben Kuehne is interviewed and Malcolm Brabant reports (11:28-13:16)
6. A new report from the WHO suggests that the level of child mortality around the world could be drastically reduced. The report is being discussed at a conference in the Dominican Republic. E. Smith reports (13:17-15:22)