Caribbean Report 16-02-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Haitian President Rene Peval names his prime minister. Prime Minister Rosny Smart is interviewed and Michael Norton reports (00:30-03:34)
6. A British union Equity defends its decision to ban a Trinidadian actor Michael Cherrie from the London stage. Martin Brown, Equity is interviewed (12:26-14:18)
3. Washington's snowy winter has seen dozens of members of Congress and their aids chosing to beat the weather by leaving town and letting an international group pick up the tab. In New York some city councillors are heading for the Caribbean but have attracted some criticism. They say they are going to the Caribbean to promote economic investment, development joint ventures and to be better able to understand their Caribbean constituents. New York Councillor Una Clarke is interviewed. Leslie Goffe reports (03:35-07:22)
4. In St. Lucia an all time low voter turn out is predicted in the central Castries by-elections. Vaughn Lewis of the UWP and former ambassador George Odlum are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (07:23-10:53)
5. A high level business and local government delegation is in Cuba with talks of trade and mutual assistance. Premier of Gauteng Gabirel 'Tokyo' Sexwale is interviewed (10:54-12:25)
7. West Indies Captain Richie Richardson today described his team's World Cup victory over Zimbabwe as a sign of things to come (14:18-15:18)