Caribbean Report 26-04-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Hugh Crosskill (00:00-00:32)
2. Voting in South Africa’s first multi-racial elections begins tomorrow. Guerilla bombings are mounting a last ditch bid to derail the electoral process. Today at least 19 persons were killed and 48 injured in separate explosions in Johannesburg and Pretoria. The offensive was opened yesterday when a bomb blast killed 9 and wounded 95 also in Johannesburg. African National Congress spokesman Carl Niehaus urged people to be calm. Correspondent David Jimma assesses the situation in Johannesburg amidst elections (00:33-06:07)
3. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Small Island States opened in Barbados today. The meeting is a follow up from the real summit two-years ago opened by Boutros Boutros-Ghali. The main issue the delegates are facing is to convince developed countries that they deserve special attention. Penelope Wensley, Chairman of the Pre-conference speaks as well as the Austrian Ambassador to Geneva. Yvette Collymore reports (6:08-08:07)
4. A three-day conference involving Cuban officials and representatives of the moderate exiled community ended in Havana last night. More than two hundred exiles from 15 countries attended to discuss questions such as immigration and investment (but not Cuba’s political situation). The primary concern of nearly one million Cuban exiles in the US is how they can maintain ties with their relatives in Cuba and the effects of the US embargo against Cuba (08:08-10:52)
5. In cricket, North Hamptonshire plays after Curtley Ambrose failed to arrive from Antigua. The county’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Coverdale was at Gatwick Airport this morning to meet the West Indies fast bowler. Coverdale said failure to show, was a disappointment for the team (10:53-13:46)
6. In Warwickshire, interest in record-breaking test batsman Brian Lara’s appearance for the team has boosted support for the club. The English county club has attracted 200 new members for the new season bringing it close to its maximum capacity of 8,000. Lara who hit 375 runs against England in the 5th test against Antigua, breaking the record of Sir Garfield Sobers, is due to arrive in Warwickshire (13:47-14:26)
7. A US coastguard cutter returned 98 Haitians who were intercepted in the Windward Passage between Haiti and Cuba, aboard a makeshift boat. Another 95 Haitians who were marooned in Bahamas were flown home on Saturday. Witnesses said dozens of others died from thirst after being shipwrecked. The forced repatriation come amid growing concern in America about the policy toward the Haitians. Critics claim it is illegal and discriminatory but the Clinton Administration defends the policy and claims it is needed in order to discourage other Haitians from making the perilous voyage (14:27-15:00)
8. Wrap up & theme music (15:01-15:15)