Caribbean Report 05-08-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. A split in Suriname's coalition puts the upcoming presidential election in jeopardy. Chandra van Binnendijh reports (00:33-02:42)
3. Silence in the presidential palace on the weekend shootings which left two dead in Haiti. Michael Norton reports (02:43-05:08)
4. A spokesman for Virgin Atlantic Airways has dismissed a British newspaper story today stating that the airline is close to sealing a thirty million pounds deal with BWIA International (05:09-06:10)
5. Governor of the Turks and Caicos Martin Bourke steps down from office at the end of next month. Governor Martin Bourke and Former Chief Minister Norman Saunders are interviewed. Ben Brown reports (06:11-09:08)
6. Cuban American priest stirs debate in Miami after being convicted for using animals in sacrificial rituals. Nancy Fickett, Humane Society of Greater Miami is interviewed (09:09-11:59)
7. Jamaicans are looking back with some pride and satisfaction on the 1996 Olympics in which their atlethes won six medals including a gold from Dione Jennings. Jennifer Grant reports (12:00-13:28)
8. President of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union told Caribbean Report that most of the member systems have complained about the slant of American coverage. NBC President Vic Fernandes is interviewed and Warren Gordon reports (13:29-15:20)