Queen's Park Hotel, Trinidad: The Riviera of the Caribbean




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The Queen's Park Hotel, located in Port of Spain on the Southern side of the Queen's Park Savannah, was first opened in January 1895. This multi-view postcard shows a view of the ballroom lounge, section of the dining room, a view from the hotel and an exterior view of the hotel.


Colour: Sepia; Style: Landscape; Other: Bordered, Divided
Funding for this project has been provided by Mrs. Irma E. Goldstraw.

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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Savannas--Trinidad and Tobago, Historic buildings--Trinidad and Tobago, Historic hotels--Trinidad and Tobago, Hotels--Trinidad and Tobago, [1915], Cities and towns--Trinidad and Tobago--Port of Spain, Hospitality industry--Trinidad and Tobago, Lighting, Architectural and decorative, Interior lighting--Trinidad and Tobago, Interior decoration--Trinidad and Tobago, Interior architecture--Trinidad and Tobago, Dining rooms--Trinidad and Tobago, Ballrooms--Trinidad and Tobago, Photography of interiors--Trinidad and Tobago, Furniture--Trinidad and Tobago, Chairs--Trinidad and Tobago, Scenic overlooks--Trinidad and Tobago, Open spaces--Trinidad and Tobago, Recreation areas--Trinidad and Tobago, Mountains--Trinidad and Tobago