Caribbean Report 01-05-1990


The United States coordinated three major military exercises (Global Shield, Ocean Venture and DefX) in the Caribbean region and Raul Castro, the Minister of Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces, warns his country that these military manoeuvres of the US could mean an imminent attack on Cuba. The manoeuvres are conceived by General Castro as a sign of growing hostility towards Cuba and he declares that Cuba will undertake pertinent manoeuvres to prepare for a US attack. In Washington, the US State Department announces in an annual report entitled “Global Patterns of Terrorism” that Cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism as it continues to support of radical groups around the world. Following the Financial News, the members of the World Union of Guyanese for Democracy (WUGD) began a demonstration at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza opposite the United Nation’s headquarters in New York. The demonstration takes the form of a fast and vigil against the policies of Guyana’s PNC government, particularly calling for free and fair elections in Guyana. The WUGD is seeking to facilitate an international team of observers to oversee the upcoming general elections in Guyana. In the next segment, the United Nations and the government of Suriname come to an agreement concerning the six thousand Surinamese refugees who fled into the neighbouring French Guiana to avoid the arms conflict in Paramaribo. The report concludes with the May Day Rally in Havana, Cuba marking the country’s 100th anniversary of the workers’ holiday.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Head of Cuba's Armed Forces encourages Cuba to prepare for an imminent attack from the United States. While the US State Department announces that Cuba is still on the official list of countries that are state sponsors of terrorism. Particia Boero reports from Havana and Jan Schiff from Washington (00:37-04:55)
3. Financial News (04:56-05:46)
4. Guyanese in New York begin their fast and vigil outside the United Nations headquarters at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. Adrian Porter reports New York with an interview with Roopnarine Persaud, Secretary of the World Union of Guyanese for Democracy (05:48-08:54)
5. Agreement between the United Nations and the Government of Suriname over the refugees in French Guiana. Chandra van Binnendijk reports from Paramaribo (08:55-10:36)
6. May Day Rally in Cuba marks the 100th anniversary of the workers' holiday in Cuba. Patricia Boero reports from Havana with excerpts from the speech of Pedro Ross Leal, Secretary General of the Workers' Central Union of Cuba (10:37-15:03)