Caribbean Report 07-12-1993




Jarvis, Mike (anchor)
Baptiste, Sandra (correspondent)
McComie, Val (interviewee)
Dunkley, Carlyle (interviewee)
Martin, Lionel (correspondent)
Fleming, Albert (interviewee)
Hodge, Kenneth (interviewee)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Table of Contents

Headlines with anchor Mike Jarvis (00:33).
1. Despite the initial upbeat assessment of last week’s CARICOM Summit – Val McComie, former Deputy Secretary General of the OAS and former Barbados ambassador to Washington is questioning the success achieved at the meeting. Sandra Baptiste reports (00:36 -04:18).
2. Norwegian Caribbean – a major US based cruise line will drop Jamaica from its ports of call due to an increase in Jamaica’s passenger tax – Carlyle Dunkley, Minister of Tourism Jamaica gives his feedback on this issue (04:19 - 06:37).
3. The UNESCO is holding a key regional meeting in Cuba to discuss its future funding and projects – Lionel Martin reports on the significance of this 10th UNESCO Regional Conference (06:38 - 08:33).
4. Albert Fleming, Mayor of French Saint-Martin has defended the decision to start the large scale deportation of illegal aliens stating that they are a drain on the scio-economic system. Local persons like businessman Kenneth Hodge are distressed by the intimidating and unfair manner in which random checks are being carried out – Carol Orr reports (08:34 -14:57).