Caribbean Report 16-08-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:28)
2. The Democratic leader in the US senate Tom Daschle led a high level team in discussions with Cuban President Fidel Castro. His office will release a statement which highlights humanitarian issues and cooperative efforts in the fight against drugs. This meeting is viewed in political quarters as a sign that the US is changing its policies against the communist country. Tom Gibb reports on the bilateral talks (00:29 – 03:05)
3. St. Lucian Prime Minister Kenny Anthony will visit Guyana this week to hold talks with newly installed president Bharrat Jagdeo. This visit follows a mandate issued by the CARICOM region for Mr. Anthony to take a lead role in resolving differences between the main political parties in Guyana. In the past months these differences have led to widespread protests by all sectors. Mr. Anthony in his role as Minister in CARICOM with oversight over Guyana will also address the ongoing issue of the brief departure in office of Prime Minster Sam Hinds to facilitate the installation of Jagdeo as President. Colin Smith reports (03:06 – 06:03)
4. Cable and Wireless has announced significant cuts in the cost of making overseas calls within some of its major Caribbean networks. Cuts have been signaled at a time when there are ongoing talks about the wider role of the wireless provider in the Eastern Caribbean and an end to its monopoly. Effectively three major price cuts in international calls and telecommunication costs will become effective from October 1999. Pete Nimvalle reports from St. Lucia (06:04 – 7:50)
5. David de Caires editor of the Starbroek newspaper in an interview with Orin Gordon discusses Guyana’s constitution and the opposition parties reaction to the appointment of Bharrat Jagdeo as the new Prime Minister following the resignation of Janet Jagan (07:51 – 09:45)
6. Montserrat Chief Minister David Brandt comments favorably on the appointment of Dominican born Patricia Janet Scotland as British Minister for Overseas Territories and calls on the newly appointed Minister to institute oversight of an independent budget and more financial aid to dependent territories including Montserrat. Ms. Scotland who is also barrister at law will take up the appointment later this month and is scheduled to meet with leaders of overseas territories (09:46 – 12:27)
7. Cuban President Fidel Castro has issued a call for Havana be designated as the site for hosting the 2008 Olympics, arguing that the nation of 11 million Cubans should be given the opportunity in recognition of the country’s significant sporting achievements. Kimberly Andrews reports on Cuba’s bid to host the Olympics (12:28 – 15: 24)