Caribbean Report 05-01-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:25)
2. John Higgs, the convict who murdered his wife, bled to death in his cell the day before he was scheduled to be executed. His suicidal note accused the government of using the execution for their own political objectives. (00:26-04:22)
3. Prison troubles in Jamaica resulted in approximately 300 police officers either reporting sick or were absent without permission, specifically at the St. Catherine District prison with the removal of the Head of the Prison Department Lt. Colonel John Prescott. (04:23-04:42)
4. An undertaker in Grenada has found the remains of 3 people killed in the 1983 disturbances [armed invasion of U.S. soldiers]. One of the remains was alleged to be that of former Prime Minister Morris Bishop who was overthrown and murdered by the coup. (04:43-06:51)
5. Three (3) political parties are contesting Dominica’s general elections due the end of January. Prime Minister Edison James believes the snap election will give his United Workers Party the advantage. The Oppositions, the Dominican Labour Party and the Dominican Freedom Party are both trying to keep pace with the United Workers Party. (06:52-09:22)
6. Banana Chiquita is facing a takeover by the Panamanian company, Consolidated Fruit. If successful, this takeover could be a major development in banana trading. Renwick Rose, leader of the Windward Islands Banana Farmers Association, mentions the growing concerns among small farmers as a result of the recent takeover of Banana Chiquita.(09:23-12:51)
7. A 6 year old boy caught in the middle of conflict between the United States and Cuba will be returned to his father in Cuba, based on the decision of the U.S. immigration officials. Relatives of Elian Gonzalez in Florida are livid that he has been with them since November of the previous year after he was rescued from a shipwreck in which his mother drowned (12:52-14:44)