Caribbean Report 14-10-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. Trinidad and Tobago's Opposition PNM settles its leadership problem and calls for a healing process. Tony Fraser reports (00:32-04:05)
3. Cost counting and attempts to rectify problems in the banana industry are now on in the aftermath of the strike in that sector in St. Lucia. Minister with resposibility for bananas Peter Josie, Gilbert Popo spokesman for the Banana Industry Nationalist Growers Association and Abel Wilson President of the Banana Salvation Committee are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (04:06-07:39)
4. The region's private sector told it has a role to play in battling the illegal drug's trade. Dr Bhoe Tewarie of the Trinidad-based UWI Institute of Business is interviewed (07:40-11:06)
5. Confirmation that the CIA kept quiet about FRAPH plans to kill a Haitian government minister. Leslie Goffe reports (11:07-12:55)
6. There has been another appeal for Jamaicans living abroad to take a serious look at remigration. The call this time comes from Jamaican born British executive Dr Henry Lowe. Dr Henry Lowe is interviewed (12:56-14:32)
7. Russia's Foreign Minister says his country has not shelved plans to help Cuba complete a nuclear power plant (14:33-15:26)