Caribbean Report 12-09-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Amidst growing Caribbean concern over a WTO ruling the United States promises to honour a pledge on bananas. Under Secretary of State for Commerce, Stuart Eizenstat and Afro-American Congresswoman, Maxine Waters are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (00:31-05:12)
3. Representatives of a penal reform mission which is currently visiting St. Lucia has expressed fears that the World Trade Organisation's ruling could have serious repercussions for the Eastern Caribbean penal system. Sheila Stuart, Co-ordinator of Caribbean Rights and Wendy Singh, Executive Director of Penal Reform International (Puerto Rico) were interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (05:13-07:08)
4. British and Montserratians leaders are working toward a common position on tackling the volcano crisis. Chief Minister of Montserrat David Brandt is interviewed (07:09-09:11)
5. Cuba's State newspaper has said that Cuban authorities have unveiled a conspiracy campaign against the country, promoted from the United States. It alleges that the American Human Rights Organisation, Freedom House attempted to destablise the Cuban regime. Frank Calzon, Director of Cuban Programmes at Freedom House is interviewed and Rosie Hayes reports (09:12-11:40)
6. Opposition rejection of the move towards tighter government control of the Trinidad and Tobago media. Tony Fraser reports (11:41-13:57)
7. Commonwealth ministers who met in London have decline to make public their conclusion on what to do with Nigeria which has been suspended from the organisation since 1995. Jamaican Foreign Minister Seymour Mullings is interivewed (13:58-15:24)