Caribbean Report 09-09-1999 



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:30)
2. Under pressure from the US to change its banana import regime deal with the Caribbean, the member countries of the European Union have indicated that it would be difficult to change trading systems with favourable preferential treatment for bananas imported from Latin America and the Caribbean. British MP Glennis Kinnock explains the new tariff only option. Keith Stone Greaves analyses a new report on the Caribbean Banana industry commissioned by the Caribbean Policy Development Center which explores alternatives for Caribbean farmers (00:31 - 06:35)
3. Officers at the Port of Spain prison are expressing concerns over the unexplained deaths of eight prisoners and the spread of the contagious diseases dengue, and meningitis to the general prison population. Acting Secretary General of Prison Officers Association Carl Vallie discusses the implication of a widespread outbreak. Tony Fraser reports from Port of Spain (06:36 - 08:45)
4. All but two of fifteen Puerto Rican prisoners offered amnesty by President Clinton accepted the offer. The prisoners are indirectly linked to the 1970 and 1980 bombings carried out by activists favoring Puerto Rico independence. Manuel Rodriguez spokesperson for Puerto Rico shares his views on independence and decisions made by prisoners (08:46 – 11: 42)
5. Jamaica Police Commissioner Francis Forbes is advocating for the fingerprinting of the entire population to reduce the high incidence of crime at a police officer conference in Kingston. Denis Daly lawyer and activist on human rights discusses the infringement on human rights and future implications of such a decision (11:43 - 15:27)