Caribbean Report 09-11-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Last minute appeals for death row inmates Peter Matthews, Faizal Mohammed and Gayman Jurisingh are heard in Trinidad as the execution date nears. Tony Fraser gives updates on the case (00:27-01:40)
3. Sandra Baptiste reports on concerns raised by the Barbados Hotel Association over crime on the island and its effect on tourism (01:41-04:05)
4. The United Nations Secretary, Boutros Boutros Ghali outlines the state of the economy and the gross and widespread human rights violations in Haiti to the UN General Assembly. UN correspondent Jon Leyne reports (04:06-06:00)
5. Hayden Blades, Director of Trade at the CARICOM Secretariat looks at the effect on the Caribbean should a trade war erupt between the United States and Europe (06:01-09:21)
6. Charles Savarin, Dominica’s representative in Brussels shares his anxiety should the Caribbean lose its protected status for banana exports in the European Community (09:22-12:35)
7. Antigua’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Planning and Trade, Lester Bird expresses his misgivings at the decision of CARICOM not to establish a CARICOM Commission as proposed by the West Indian Commission (12:36-13:53)
8. Martinican novelist, Patrick Chamoiseau wins the Prix Goncourt, the most important award in France, for his novel “Texaco” (13:54-14:34)
9. Recap of headlines (14:35-14:50)