Each Beat of the Pan Improves a Life



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Trinidad Guardian


The article highlights the steelpan related achievements which the students of El Dorado Senior Secondary Comprehensive achieved with the support of their teacher Fasal Mohammed. According to Mr. Mohammed the steelpan has helped the students improve academically and instilled discipline so much so that one student has even turned away from a life of crime. The school steelpan orchestra wishes to travel to Norwary to present a 30 minute documentary on the development of the steelpan from then to now. The trip will afford the school to obtain computers for each student and the school. However, each student must finance his or her ticket to Norway so Mr. Mohammed is appealing for financial support from the community.


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Phagoo, Genevieve. " Each Beat of the Pan Improves a Life." Trinidad Guardian. 29 Jun. 1999: 19. Print.