Caribbean Report 28-05-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:32)
2. Suriname’s New Front for Democracy says its first step after the elections victory last Saturday is to change the country’s constitution. The party was unable to secure a two-thirds majority win and consequently it could be more than two months before a new president is appointed. Jaggernath Lachman of the New Front for Democracy states that the party is not considering a coalition with Democratic Alternative (00:33-03:07)
3. As Caricom countries consider a Multilateral Air Service agreement with Britain, the British is exploring another route to an increased airline presence in the Caribbean. Debbie Ransome reports that British Airways is identified as a possible partner with BWEE (03:08-05:20)
4. Cuban combat troops fighting in Angola return home and a welcome ceremony for the soldiers took place at the tomb of General Antonio Maceo. Lionel Martin reports from Havana (05:21-08:25)
5. Barbados Health Minister, Branford Taitt, visited Britain to attract nurses and doctors to join the expanding health system of Barbados. During a meeting in London, he outlines the benefits that the Barbados government is offering and comments from the audience are featured (08:26-10:26)
6. Rev. Andrew Wingfield Digby, the spiritual advisor of the English cricket team, defines his role and function with the team (10:27-13:25)
7. The West India Commission visited Dominica yesterday to continue public consultations with the Caribbean people on regional integration. The contribution of a member of the meeting on Dominican affairs is featured (13:26-14:55)