Caribbean Report 13-08-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:28)
2. Guyana’s Prime Minister Samuel Hinds assesses his political role as and the appointment of Jagdeo Bharrat as President following the resignation of Janet Jagan. He issues a strong call to the population to give support to the People’s Progressive Party and the new President and provides a historical perspective on pre and post 1990 elections (00:28 – 03:49)
3. In Venezuela efforts are under way to rewrite the country’s constitution following the declaration of a national state of emergency by the Constitutional Assembly. The Assembly has also broaden its powers to dissolve state bodies and all branches of the public sector including the judiciary. This move is in alignment with the political views and will of Hugo Chavez who in the past has called for widespread reforms in all sectors. Barbados based journalist on regional affairs Rickey Singh signals that it’s critical that CARICOM monitor developments in Venezuela (03:50 -6:47)
4. British New Minister for Overseas Territories Berna Scotland is seeking to reduce the powers of governors of Britain’s overseas territories. This move to restrict the powers for governors and delegate more powers to the countries’ elected representative is supported by Montserrat Chief Minister David Brandt who shares his views in an interview with correspondent Orin Gordon (06:48 - 10:42)
5. There is growing support for changes in the governing rules of the World Trade Organization. Debbie Ransome reports on the mandate issued by CARICOM countries for a re-examination of the founding rules of the organization. Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson comments on the need for diplomats in the region to upgrade their negotiation skills in trade disputes . This call for change follows negative rulings for the Caribbean in the ongoing banana trade dispute. Richard Quest reports on the WTO rules favoring US trade interest. Tony Juniper Campaign Manager for environmental group Friends of the Earth is arguing a case for the overhaul of the way WTO works and its rulings on new trade liberalization rules These issues will be addressed in a landmark conference in Seattle in November 1999 (10:43 -14:14)
6. Cuba world champion jumper Xavier Sotomayor has withdrawn from the Athletics World Championships in Spain due to back injury. The athlete is currently facing a ban in competing in other competitions having testing positive for cocaine but his Athletic Association maintains his innocence pending a full investigation (14:15 – 15:24)