Caribbean Report 08-02-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:27)
2. Cuban Health authorities have launched an investigation into the cause of food poisoning which killed fourteen persons and resulted in sixty persons being treated in hospital. The food is believed to have been contaminated with a chemical substance. Rosie Hayes reports (00:28 - 02:02)
3. India Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee inaugurated a new center named after Mahatma Ghandi in Northern Trinidad. The Ghandi Center first proposed by the Indian government in 1986, is meant to reflect the cultural cooperation between Trinidad and Tobago and India. Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Basdeo Panday in his welcoming speech said that the new center will promote the country’s cultural and ethnic diversity. Tony Fraser reports on the two day visit (02:03 - 04:28)
4. Finance Ministers from the world top fifteen developing nations gather in Jamaica to participate in the G15 Summit. The agenda will include proposals for reform of international financial systems in the wake of the Asian crisis and the current banana trade dispute between the European Union and the United States. Andrew Walker reports (04:29 - 06:38)
5. Days before the final release of the findings of the Stephen Laurence enquiry in Great Britain, Scotland Yard detectives have indicated that they will study new charges against the murder suspects. Keith Stone Greaves reports on the order given to reopen the Laurence file and pursue fresh charges (06:39- 9:05)
6. As the United States marks thirty-six years of economic embargo against Cuba, businesses in the United Kingdom and Europe are investing in the country. Emma Joseph reports on increasing foreign investment in Cuba (09:06 – 15:28)