Caribbean Report 26-01-2000



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2. The Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Basdeo Panday expects the President A.N.R. Robinson to remove the Tobago Senators and put two others in their place. Mr. Robinson has refused to do so and has brought the country into what can be described as a constitutional crisis. Mr. Robinson is of the view he is acting to keep the union of Trinidad and Tobago because revoking the appointment of the two Senators could endanger that union. (00:28-07:39)
3. In the middle of a tense election campaign in Dominica, the Prime Minister Edison James links the Opposition Leader Rosie Douglas to the unification church known as the Moonies. Prime Minister James indicated that police investigations have revealed a connection the authorities could not ignore. (07:40-10:49)
4. The Grenadian Prime Minister Keith Mitchell has been giving reasons for explaining publicly what he believes is a lack of American support for CARICOM countries. He wants Washington’s attention to be drawn to the fact that countries like Grenada do need US support in specific areas. (10:50-12:53)
5. Hangings will not be resumed in Antigua this week as they were initially scheduled. High death row prisoners who were to be hanged tomorrow and Friday have been given a stay of execution to appeal to the Privy Council. Four of the men were given 21 days to sort this out. (12:54-13:33)
6. The EU Trade Commissioner has called on the World Trade Organisation to launch new rounds of talk this year. The request comes weeks after the failed Seattle Summit. They are also proposing a package of concessions for developing countries. (13:34-15:29)