Caribbean Report 17-05-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Security concerns are raised in Curacao as a growing number of inmates have escaped from that country's prison. Geraldine Cockland reports (00:30-02:23)
3. Impact of the Courts in combating the illegal drugs trade was brought into focus at an original meeting in St. Lucia earlier this week by the country's Attorney General Petrus Compton. Attorney General Petras Compton and Attorney Alberton Richelieu are interviewed (02:24-05:38)
4. One Cuban dissident rejects a United States proposal to pump aid into the Communist Island. Leader of the Opposition Group of Four Rene Gomez, Camila Ruiz of the Cuban American National Foundation in Miami and Leader of the Cuba Policy Foundation Sally Grooms-Cowal are interviewed. Rosie Hayes reports (05:39-10:00)
5. More than twenty people are dead in Haiti. Karen Weir and Michael Norton report (10:01-11:27)
6. In Dominica, there is a growing lobby for the coalition government to be downsized. Radio Broadcaster Steinberg Henry is interviewed (11:28-14:40)
7. In cricket, the West Indies gained the consellation six wicket victory over lackluster South Africa. Cricket Commenttor Franklyn Stephenson reports (14:41-15:40)