Caribbean Report 09-10-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headline (00:00-00:40)
2. The military coup leaders in Haiti have tightened their grip on the country with the swearing-in of Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Nerette. Whilst the OAS has imposed tough economic sanctions on Haiti, the United Nations is expected to adopt similar measures. Interview with the leader of the a political party in Haiti, Marc Bazin who supported the swearing-in of Joseph Nerette and noted that it would be sometime before the full impact of the economic sanctions is to be felt in Haiti (00:41-05:42)
3. African Caribbean and Pacific group of countries is yet to make a formal statement on the overthrow of the Aristide government in Haiti. Interview with Barbados senator Dr. Erskine Simmons, the Co-chairman of the ACP-EEC Joint Assembly. Dr. Simmons said that a statement on Haiti will be issued after he meets with the officials at the ACP Secretariat in Brussels this Saturday (05:43-08:28)
4. In the British Caribbean dependency of Montserrat, general elections resulted in the fall of the People's Liberation Movement, headed by the Chief Minister John Osborne, which has been in power since 1978. Chief Minister, John Osborne has put his lost down to a personal lackluster campaign and dissatisfaction with his running mates. In an interview, Osborne stated that he was quitting politics, reflected on his performance at the polls and upset by the newly formed National Progressive Party (08:29-12:34)
5. In Suriname, all appointments to the government cabinet have now been made one month after the election of Ronald Venetiaan as president. The ruling four party coalition are set to address the country's top priorities of the revival of the economy and the fight against drugs. Chandra van Bennendijk reports that the government plans to meet with the Dutch authorities for talks on improving relations between the two countries (12:35-14:45)