Caribbean Report 18-10-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with anchor Yvette Rowe (00:29).
1. President Clinton has again ruled out the use of force in Haiti, but would rely on sanctions to achieve the restoration of democracy in Haiti – several warships form the USA, Canada and France are heading towards the country to enforce international sanctions to enforce the embargo. This has resulted in panic buying in Haiti and hundreds try to leave the capital in fear of an outbreak of violence – Chris Nuttal reports. During the previous embargo there were repeated claims that the Haitian regime was receiving supplies through the Dominican Republic. Father Raino Martinez, Dajabón Parish Priest explains the discrepancies that take place amongst the military regarding the embargo - Ian Fairley reports on the socio-economic and political climate on the eve of the UN embargo (00:29 - 05:36).
2. As the deadline for the economic embargo in Haiti draws closer - Patrick Manning, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago says with conviction that sanctions are the best way to resolve the crisis. However, Dr. Anthony Gonzales, Institute of International Relations UWI says that it’s military actions and not sanctions that are needed in Haiti. Dr. Henry Gill – International Relations Consultant, who says that foreign intervention is not the answer. The worsening situation in Haiti – there is fear that the economic crisis in Cuba will be marginalized by the international community, who provide aid to Cuba - Gail Walker, Pastors for Peace (Humanitarian Group) Communications Director explains (05:37 - 09:44).
3. At a conference in London leaders from the Caribbean and Africa discussed repatriations for slavery - it’s been jointly spearheaded by Dudley Thompson, Jamaican High Commissioner to Nigeria. And Bernie Grant British MP has expressed that it a practical and achievable goal (09:45 -11:42).
4. Figures from a released report show that Guinness Co. due to take over Desnoes and Geddes Limited Brewery Kingston – Red Stripe beer label has suffered significant loss. Ben Lawrence, financial journalist with the British Guardian Newspaper shares the results of a report on the financial status and losses and track record of the company. Murray Lauck, Guinness Spokesperson (Britain) explains that recession in some countries has impacted the brand – Leslie Geoff reports (11:43 -15:08).