Caribbean Report 18-09-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. The entire Board of the St. Lucia Banana Growers Association has resigned following a meeting with Prime Minister Kenny Anthony. Pete Ninvalle reports (00:27-02:04)
3. The European Parliament hits out at the World Trade Organisation over its banana ruling. European Member of Parliament, Stanley Newens is interviewed (02:05-05:34)
4. In Brussels today traditional banana producers issued a statement calling for gurantees to protect banana exports to Europe. They asked for a modification of the EC rules if necessary following the WTO ruling (05:35-06:09)
5. There are fears in Jamaica that politically motivated crime is on the increase. Danny Buchanan, Government Member of the Electoral Advisory Committee, JLP representative, Ryan Peralto and National Democratic Movement leader, Bruce Golding are interviewed. Moya Thomas reports (06:10-08:49)
6. There are controversial changes to the electoral rules in Guyana. Colin Smith reports (08:50-11:46)
7. Immigrants to the United States who are waiting as long as two years to become US citizens will wait even longer if the United States Congress fails to implement a Clinton initiative. E. Smith reports (11:47-13:23)
8. Calysonian Arrow of Montserrat describes the fund raising concert in London for Montserrat as a success on three fronts - it raised a lot of money, it was good entertainment and it raised an awareness on how bad the situation is in Montserrat. Arrow is interviewed (13:24-15:24)