Caribbean Report 08-10-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with anchor Yvette Rowe (00:42).
1. The results of a second post mortem examination on the body of Joy Gardener, Jamaican deportee showed that she died of suffocation – the full findings will be released in two weeks. Her family awaits further vindication and justice for her suspicious death – MP Bernie Grant shares his outrage over this incident (00:43-04-10).
2. Pope John Paul’s visit to Jamaica has received mixed response. The Pope took the opportunity to apologized for the Vatican’s role in slavery. He also condemned the use of artificial birth control. However, he praised church leaders of all denominations and called for a greater cooperation amongst Christians (04:11 -06:24).
3. The Cuban government has raised prices in its dollar stores by up to 50%. Diplomats and foreign residents do their shopping in dollar stores, and the measure anticipates the end of the band on Cuban citizens holding and spending foreign currency, the end result leading to the government gaining more on each sale – Carol Orr reports (06:25 -08:00).
4. Sir Shridath Ramphal, formerly head of the West India Commission says that the move by Central countries to distance themselves from the CARICOM Cuba Commission, is one which can undermine regional unity attempts. He shares his analysis and views with Yvette Rowe (08:01 -10:33).
5. Statements by Guatemala’s Vice President suggesting his country could annul a recognition of Belize have been dismissed by the government. Ramiro de León Carpio Guatemalan President in response says that the VP comments are personal and do not represent policy - Phillip Vine reports (10:34 -14:31).
6. Vivian Richards’s dream of one last Lord show down dissolved as his team Glamorgan County Cricket failed to make the Natwest trophy – lost its semi-final games against Sussex for fifty-two runs (14:32 - 15:09).