Caribbean Report 25-06-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:31)
2. CARICOM leaders are ready to embrace Haiti as a full-fledged member during the annual summit which opens in Trinidad and Tobago next month. Haiti membership in CARICOM follows two years of political crisis which paralysed the country economically and politically. Professor Bert Thomas of City University in New York discusses Haiti acceptance within CARICOM (00:32- 03:41)
3. Caribbean leaders and officials are among delegates from over 50 countries gathered in Rio for the start of the first European Union Latin America Caribbean Summit. The Summit will address a wide range of issues including drug trafficking, human rights, trade and export (03:42 – 05:10)
4. In Paris, a group of creditor nations reached an accord for debt reduction in Guyana. The agreement ensures that Guyana’s annual debt servicing falls by six million dollars. Reduction is part of the heavily indebted countries initiative. This release of financial resources will allow the country to increase spending for education, health and poverty alleviation programmes (05: 11 – 05:36)
5. Grenadian parents, teachers and students staged a quiet march in the capital to protest the discovery of high school cults. Teenage students are dabbling in the occult in Dominica and Grenada. In a two part series Ken Richards analyses this issue of occult activity in schools. Principal of St. Joseph Convent in Grenada Catholic Nun Gabrielle Mason and Michael Bascombe Grenadian journalist discuss the impact of occult in education (05: 37 - 09: 20)
6. A senate sub-committee in Washington issued an ultimatum to the US Virgin Islands to implement an economic recovery plan following the country’s accumulation of more than one million dollars in debt. Representatives of the island meet with officials in the US (09: 21 - 10: 15)
7. Cross Roads Eric Clapton’s funded alcohol and drugs rehabilitation unit auctioned the musician’s guitar for five million US dollar. The money will assist in providing treatment for patients at the center. Kimberly Andrews Thomas reports (10:16 - 12:08)
8. The European Union urges Cuba to declare a moratorium on executions, amid concerns of the extensive use of the death penalty in the country. There are requests for Cuba to consider signing an international covenant on civil and political rights. Ken Richards reports (12: 09 --13:01)
9. A senior British police officer involved in the Stephen Lawrence murder enquiry is to retire next month. Detective Inspector Ben Bullock made the announcement at the start of a disciplinary tribunal. BBC Correspondent Stephen Cape reports (13: 02 – 15: 23)