Caribbean Report 01-05-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. United States Navy returns some of its lands on Vieques. Shannon Novak reports (00:26-02:20)
3. Secretary General of the Organisation of American States Cesar Gaviria is to visit Haiti tomorrow to try to help resolve their ongoing political crisis. Michael Norton reports (02:21-05:57)
4. Workers woes on May Day in Barbados. Bertrand Niles reports (05:58-07:56)
5. Should the Caribbean be worried that Ecuador is finally happy with the new banana deal? Eastern Caribbean Ambassador in Brussel Edwin Laurent is interviewed and Ken Richards reports (07:57-09:49)
6. Jamaica Senior Medical Officer Dr. Peter Figueroa has been defending his link between legalising homosexuality and prostitution and fighting AIDS/HIV. Dr. Peter Figueroa is interviewed (09:50-13:07)
7. Leader of Britain's Conservative Party William Hague has reprimanded another Member of Parliament John Townend who agreed with a colleague that the English have become a mongrel race. Member of Parliament John Townend and Leader of the Conservative Party William Hague are interviewed. Emma Joseph reports (13:08-15:43)