Caribbean Report 07-08-1990



Report commences at the end the headlines segment.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:16)
2. The entire Surinamese police force is on strike to protest against the brutal murder of a police inspector and the shooting attack on the police headquarters last weekend. Chandra van Binnedijk reports (00:17-02:09)
3. A report commissioned by the Caricom leader states that the facilities and working conditions at the Caricom Secretariat in Guyana are hampering the goals of regional integration. Sandra Baptiste reports that the sensitive question of staffing is also addressed in the report which was compiled by a four-man team headed by Gladstone Mills, Professor of Public Administration, UWI Mona (02:10-05:43)
4. Financial News. John Payne, Sugar Analyst, comments on the effects of the Iraqi invasion on the price of sugar (05:44-06:59)
5. The US Congress has approved legislation authorizing a referendum in Puerto Rico allowing the people to decide the future of their political status. Rafael Matos reports that the question of permitting Puerto Ricans living in the US to vote is likely to be contentious (07:00-08:50)
6. The political hostage crisis in Trinidad and Tobago is over. In an interview with Pat Whitehorne, Niala Maharaj, a Trinidadian author of an article in Britain's Guardian newspaper, says that the actions of the Muslim rebels were typical of the country's tenuous grasp of reality (08:51-12:45)
7. Dennis Andries, Guyanese-born world boxing champion, comments on his recent victory against Australian Jeff Harding. John Rawlins reports (12:46-14:32)