Caribbean Report 13-12-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with Yvette Rowe (00:30)
1. Cuba and CARICOM have formally signed an agreement for closer cooperation in several key areas; including Cuba’s request for aid to boost its tourism potential at the Secretariat in Guyana – Ricardo Cabrisas, Cuba’s Minister of External Trade praised CARICOM’s decision to go ahead with the commission, despite pressure from US congressman and anti-Castro groups - Yvette Rowe reports (00:31 -01:42).
2.Trinidad and Tobago based US Economist - Don Cleveland says that NAFTA will not impact negatively on Caribbean Basin initiative countries. However, Henry Guild, Caribbean Trade expert disagrees and says that NAFTA has already diverted trade away from the Caribbean and towards Mexico – Tony Fraser reports (01:43 -04:08).
3. A meeting has begun in Paris with representatives from France, Canada, the US and Venezuela, as well as President Robert Malval and a senior UN official. This may lead to further sanctions against the military government in Haiti – Andrew Bell reports from Paris (04:09 - 05:51)
4. In London, Jean Bertrand Aristide has written and published his 200page autobiography. His friend Father Leslie Griffith who has read the French translation explains parts of the book. Auberon Alexander Waugh, columnist at conservative Spectator magazine has also read the book and comments that – “Haiti is better off without Aristide.” – Leslie Goff reports (05:52 -08:52)
5. A conference of Islamic leaders and scholars took place in the Sudanese capital last week debates centered on the conflicts in Bosnia and Somalia. Mohammed Abdullah of Dominica’s Muslim community was one of the speakers that addressed the gathering – BBC correspondent Simon Ingram reports (08: 53 -12:06)
6. The annual Latin American film festival ended in Cuba and the top award went to the provocative French film – Strawberries and Chocolate. The film has stirred up a lot of controversy about homosexuality in Cuba – Lionel Martin reports (12:07 -14:09)
7. The test between the West Indies and Sri Lanka has been abandoned as a draw on the final day, due to poor weather conditions - Yvette Rowe reports (14:10 -15:06 )