Caribbean Report 24-08-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:34)
2. In Trinidad and Tobago, two men who were to hang today have won short term reprieves. Meanwhile, comments by the Minister of National Security, Russell Huggins calling for public support for the execution has come under fire. Michael Bullock and Irvine Phillip have been granted an eleventh hour stay of execution after Justice Margo Warner said that the current law was uncertain. She granted a conservatory order which will preserve the status quo under the uncertainty until the law is resolved. Interviews with Gregory Delzin, Attorney, Defence Team and Russell Huggins, Minister of National Security, Trinidad and Tobago. Tony Fraser reports (00:35-06:32)
3. The Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC) is moving to strengthen its ties with Haiti and Cuba. The CCC is hoping to meet with ousted Haitian leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide in a few weeks and will be establishing a presence in Cuba. Interview with Edward Cumberbatch, Secretary General, CCC. Sandra Baptiste reports (06:32-10:43)
4. As the conflict in Yugoslavia continues, Leslie Goff reports on a group of Caribbean workers who are part of the UN Peacekeeping and Protection Force. Interviews with Jamaican Trevor Biggs, Civilian Worker and Vincentian Susan Dowers, Administrator at UN Zagreb Headquarters, Croatia (10:44-14:04)
5. The next cricket test series in the West Indies will be played under a new ruling which would hopefully erase claims of bias umpiring. A panel of independent umpires to be used in all future tests series could be in placed by October. The plan is for one overseas umpire to stand with a home based official in every test. The International Cricket Club’s new cricket committee backed the proposal at its conference at Lords (14:05-14:28)
6. Trinidad and Tobago’s Junior Hockey Team went down three to nil against England’s Junior at Britain’s National Sports Centre. Both sides are preparing for the Junior World Hockey Championship to held in Spain from September 8th (14:29-14:50)