Caribbean Report 02-05-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Britain threatens to impose counter measures against Washington because of Helms-Burton. Warren Gordon reports (00:29-02:01)
3. A former US official is urging the small states of the Eastern Caribbean to hand over their national security to the American government. Tony Fraser reports (02:02-03:41)
4. Dominican banana farmers planning an anti-US demonstration. Dominica Banana Marketing Corporation spokesman Tim Durand and Prime Minister Edison James are interviewed (03:42-08:30)
5. In St. Lucia banana farmers are up in arms over proposed legislative changes in the industry. The Banana Salvation Committee Secretary Patrick Joseph is interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (08:31-10:09)
6. Taiwan's response to China's aceptance as a member of the Caribbean Development Bank (10:10-11:30)
7. Workers in Grenada used Wednesday's media celebrations to express their dissatisfaction with their lot. Lou Smith reports (11:31-13:14)
8. British business executives are skeptical about suggestions that the Helms-Burton legislation would have little effect in practice. A Miami-based lawyer is interviewed (13:15-14:39)
9. An opposition member of parliament caused a stir in the Canadian Parliament when he said he would dismiss a gay or black person if their presence offended his business clients (14:40-15:28)