Caribbean Report 12-08-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Pat Thompson, CEO of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce and Dr. Anthony Bryan, incoming Director of Caribbean Programs at the North/South Center talk about the implications of the formation of the NAFTA for the Caribbean Region (00:29-05:48)
3. Maria Liberia Peters, Prime Minister of Saint Martin goes to The Hague this week to try to get the Dutch Government to relax its tight control over her government. Correspondent Eddy Williams reports and Chairman of the Dutch Parliamentary Committee on Antillean and Arubian Affairs comments (05:49-08:43)
4. Guyana’s Opposition Leader Cheddi Jagan is set to launch a local and international campaign trying to force President Desmond Hoyt to hold general elections next month (08:44-11:27)
5. Saint Lucia’s Attorney General Lorraine Williams, US Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean G. Philip Hughes and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Cletus Springer react to the call for the death penalty for drug related crimes made by Education Minister Louis George. Correspondent Pete Ninvalle reports (11:28-14:27)
6. João Baena Soares, Secretary General of the OAS, heads a mission to Haiti along with representatives of member countries and international organizations (14:28-14:47)