Caribbean Report 15-11-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with anchor Yvette Rowe (00:30).
1. Puerto Ricans voted to maintain Commonwealth status, rejecting the idea of US status. Pedro Rosselló, Governor says that the fight to join the US is far from over. And, Juan Manuel García Passalacqua, Political Analyst of the Miami Herald says that long term hope of the island becoming the 51st US state have diminished (00:31 -05:07).
2. Trinidadian born - Dr. David Lewis former Assistant Secretary of State for Caribbean Development in Puerto Rico, he says that he was not convinced that the former close relationship between Puerto Rico and the Caribbean under the 936 Programme could be resumed – Debbie Ransome reports (05:08 -07:40).
3. Jean Holder, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization is upbeat about the upcoming winter season – for the first time in two years European tourist projections are promising (07:41 - 09:03).
4. Suriname is opposed to the International Monetary Fund monitoring its overdue economic adjustment programme – Chandra Van Binnen Dyke reports (09:04 -11:07).
5. A group of black Caribbean law students in Britain are claiming an historic victory over its legal establishment due to racial discrimination in the form of racially biased exams. Collin Foster, St. Lucian, John Taylor and Esperanza De Souza, Grace Higgins and Peter Herbert are interviewed about the outcome by correspondent Leslie Geoff reports (11:08 -15:16).