Caribbean Report 17-07-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Jorge Serrano, President of Guatemala warns that pressure for change to the communist government of Cuba should come only from Latin America and not from the United States. Cuba’s Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Ramón Sánchez-Parodi says that his country’s future development must by definition exclude the possibility of normal relations with the US (00:34-02:04)
3. Journalist Noll Scott says that even though Cuba has met the three conditions laid down by the US for restoring relations, the US continues to systematically increase barriers (02:05-05:36)
4. Journalist Gary Allen gives updates on the Jamaica Labour Party’s internal struggles on the eve of the annual conference in which party members will vote in new leadership (05:37-09:52)
5. Speaking at a forum set up by the Barbados Association of Journalists, Barbadian opposition politician Wendell McClean says that the decision to achieve monetary union by the year 2000 is dim since Caribbean States must first rehabilitate their own currencies which could take a long time (09:53-11:12)
6. Speaking at the same forum, Youth Leader David Denny recommends that youths should be represented at the highest levels of CARICOM. Father Harcourt Blackett shares this view adding that he would like to see the establishment of a people’s parliament for the region (11:13-12:36)
7. At a conference of economists and law enforcement officials to assess the global scale of economic crime, it was found that the Caribbean has considerably cleaned up its past image as a haven for money laundering offshore banks. However, Dr. Barry Rider Dean of Jesus College in Britain tells Mike Jarvis that the region is still vulnerable (12:37-14:08)
8. Guyana is reportedly on the verge of signing a tax agreement with the US which will add the country to the list of Caribbean states that can access the 936 funding program in Puerto Rico (14:09-14:42)