Caribbean Report 26-04-2001



Table of Contents

1.Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. OECS Director General Swinburne Lestrade is quitting his job as head of the Castries-based Secretariat. OECS Director General Swinburne Lestrade is interviewed and Pete Ninvalle reports (00:29-02:46)
3. Guyana government has agreed to a number of Opposition PNC demands. President Bharrat Jagdeo is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (02:47-06:32)
4. Nurses and teachers in Trinidad and Tobago are looking towards opportunities in the United States. The Education Minister in Port of Spain believes that risk and salary settlements for teachers should keep them at home but the Health Minister says that his government cannot compete with the attractions being offered to nurses. Tony Fraser reports (06:34-08:59)
5. Jamaica Member of Parliament and talks show host Ronald Thwaites has been discussing the so-called brain drain problem on his radio programmes. Talk Show Host Ronald Thwaites is interviewed (09:00-11:22)
6. In Grenada, two lawyers are taking issue with the authorities over the deportation of an American Grenadian Leon Alcantara. The man was deported while he had matters pending before the Supreme Court. Former Attorney General Francis Alexis is interviewed and Lou Smith reports (11:23-13:18)
7. United States Navy prepares to resume military exercises. Shannon Novak reports (13:19-15:44)