Caribbean Report 27-01-2003



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:36)
2. United Nations inspectors report to the UN Security Council that Iraq did cooperate as they searched for weapons of mass destruction. However, Iraq appears unwilling to obey the UN and disarm. Colin Powell, Secretary of State agrees that the UN Security Council must face its responsibilities. Knowlson Gift, Foreign Minister, Trinidad and Tobago expresses concerns about the economic effects of a war on Iraq. Jean Holder, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism agrees and Berthia Parle, President of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association voices the latest warning. Matthew Exell reports (00:37-04:05)
3. Trinidad and Tobago authorities are investigating reports on local manufacture of bio-chemical weapons for use if the US goes to war with Iraq. According to Tony Fraser quick and severe action is expected if evidence is found (04:06-07:05)
4. Antigua and Barbuda calls for a meeting of the OECD global tax forum to discuss the plan to eliminate tax competition. Sir Ronald Sanders, Antiguan High Commissioner writes to the OECD Secretary General advising that all jurisdictions must have their say. He observes that the recent European exemptions from information sharing presents an obstacle to a level playing field. Ken Richards reports (07:06-08:53)
5. Guyana’s President will receive a report on the national consultation on crime in light of the spiraling violence. Buxton is particularly critical and joint police and military operations are already in place. Ronald Gajraj, the Home Affairs Minister speaks to the situation, its short comings, challenges and training for police. Ben Meade reports (08:54-11:55)
6. While meeting in Guyana, Caribbean Chief Magistrates call for an established programme of continuing education. Desiree Bernard, Guyana’s Chancellor of the Judiciary says there are concerns about the quality of justice to come from the Caribbean Court of Justice. Dr. Edwin Carrington responds that Caribbean jurists have been serving with distinction globally. Colin Smith reports on concerns about the Court due to replace the London-based Privy Council (11:56-13:33)
7. The Secretary of State and other top government officials in the Netherlands Antilles are to meet with members of the Coast guard corps who are on strike for greater compensation and improved working conditions. Coast guard spokesman Lt. Robin Middle says the corps’ management has agreed to most of their demands. The BBC’s Neil Nunes reports (13:34-15:36)