Caribbean Report 14-06-1991

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Special edition.

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2. Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley, returns home today after an official tour to Japan, China and London. In London he held talks with the British Prime Minister, John Major and the opposition leader, Neil Kinnock; launched his latest book entitled The Poverty of Nations; and spoke to Nelson Mandela via telephone. In an extended interview with Hugh Crosskill, Mr. Manley addresses the following issues:
*The impact of the US President’s Enterprise for the Americas Initiative on the Caribbean countries
*The slow pace of Caribbean regional integration
*The objectives of the upcoming Caricom Heads of Government meeting in St. Lucia
*The need for an independent Caricom team at the elections in Guyana
*The question of relocating the headquarters of the Caricom Secretariat
*The rule of unanimity in the Caribbean
*The preparedness of the Caribbean for the European Single Market Economy in 1992
*His political future