Caribbean Report 22-05-2000

Table of Contents
1. Headlines: (00:00-00:30)
3. There is uncertainty as to whether the new Trade and Aid Agreement between Europe and the ACP can go ahead in Fiji. Tribal leaders are planning to meet to resolve the political crisis caused by the armed takeover of the Parliament building with several Cabinet Ministers inside. Leader of the takeover group is demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister who is from an Indian minority, in favour of an ethnic Fijian. (04:32-05:18)
4. There are 180 countries, including Caribbean countries, that are committing themselves to a new agreement on stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. This is seen as an update to the non-proliferation treaty, and a big step towards a world free of nuclear weapons. (05:19-08:15)
5. In Grenada there are indications that the long labour disputes between government and Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) employees are almost at an end. There’s also an impasse between Grenadian nurses and the government over a 17% pay increase. The teachers are also on sick-out. (08:16-09:32)
6. There is a sharp reaction in Guyana to an agreement between the government and an American company to set up a satellite launch pad. The main Opposition Party plans to challenge the agreement in court while the government says the deal is good for Guyana. (09:33-12:07)
7. “Pleasure Island is a documentary series on the Jamaican tourism resort of Hedonism II that is currently courting controversy among Britain’s television viewers”. The programme focusses on the intimacy between European and American guests and the Jamaican staff, all in the name of fun. (12:08-15:15)
2. The front-running La Valas Party is being accused of alleged massive fraud by the opposition, the day after Haiti’s general election. Voter registration seems to be the biggest issue although prior to the elections the OAS had said that they were satisfied with the registration. (00:31-04:31)