Caribbean Report 20-01-1998


Pope John Paul II is set to arrive in Cuba for a historic four-day visit. Cuba undertakes massive preparations for the papal trip. Debbie Ransome examines the reputation of both President Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II. In Guyana, normality returns to the capital of Georgetown. The people of Guyana express their views on the agreement which ended the political strife. The European Commission Agriculture Ministers held the first debate in Brussels on changing the banana import regime to make it WTO compatible. In cricket, the West Indies selectors have gone for the tried and tested players for the opening test against England, starting in Jamaica at the end of the month. The new skipper, Brian Lara comments on the team and the need for support. Sport editors, Earl Best and Horace Helps comment on the West Indies team selection and their chances against England.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Moya Thomas (00:00-00:35)
2. Cuba prepares for the visit of Pope John Paul II and the reputations of both President Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II are examined (00:36-07:11)
3. Guyanese people are relieved as normality returns to the capital, but they are still troubled by the unrest of last month (07:12-08:34)
4. European Agriculture Ministers had their first debate on changing the banana import regime to ensure it becomes WTO compliant (08:35-10:59)
5. Regional sport editors comment on the new West Indies team selected to face England (11:00-15:05)
6. Recap of top stories (15:06-15:30)