Caribbean Report 28-02-1990


The defeat of Nicaragua’s Sandinista government leaves Cuba isolated in the western hemisphere. To Cuba this means that Daniel Ortega, Mikhail Gorbachev and most of Eastern Europe is surrendering to the forces of capitalist economies and democracy. Secondly, the UN Commission for Refugees recommends that Caricom provide assistance to Belize’s refugee problem. A growing number of people, mainly from El Salvador are finding their way into Belize to seek asylum. Following the Financial News, Edwin Carrington, the outgoing ACP Secretary General speaks at his final press conference and urges the Brussels based group not to concentrate its efforts on getting European Community aid to foster industrialization amongst member countries. The report concludes with the upcoming meeting of ACP and EEC officials to complete the report on implications of the single European market for the nations of the ACP Group.


Includes musical interlude at the beginning of the report.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-01:53)
2. Castro stands alone with the fall of Nicaragua's Sandinista government. Chris McGril reports from Havana (01:54-04:45)
3. Belize seeks Caricom support to cope with an increasing influx of refugees from Central America. Jerry Timmins reports from Belize City, includes interviews with Said Musa, Belize Foreign Minister, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Belize (name inaudible) (04:46-08:55)
4. Financial News. Euan Worthington, metal analyst of Warburg Securities, comments on the future of metals and the potential industry for the Caribbean region (08:56-10:46)
5. Edwin Carrington, ACP Secretary General says goodbye to the Secretariat. Clifford Smith reports (10:47-12:50)
6. Officials from the ACP and the EEC meet in Brussels. Sandra Baptiste reports from Brussels, includes interviews with the Head of the Trade Division of the European Commissions Development (name inaudible), Orlando Marville, Barbados Ambassador to Brussels, and Leslie Wilson, Jamaica Ambassador to Brussels (12:51-16:02)