The effect of POGIL on academic performance and academic confidence



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International Council of Associations for Science Education


POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) is a collaborative learning technique that employs guided inquiry within a cyclic system of exploration, concept invention, and application. This action research explores students’ academic performance on a unit of organic chemistry work taught using POGIL, in addition to the effect of POGIL on their academic confidence. The academic performance was measured using a summative assessment at the end of the study, while academic confidence was measured using a pre- and post-test questionnaire. A qualitative comparison to the previous term’s academic scores suggested a varied academic performance, while tests of significance indicated an improved level of academic confidence among the students involved.


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Chemistry education, Secondary school students, Teaching methods, Academic achievement, Collaborative learning, Academic self efficacy, Trinidad and Tobago


De Gale, S., and Boisselle, L. N. (2015). The effect of POGIL on academic performance and academic confidence. Science Education International, 26(1), 2015, 56-61.