Erecting a Derrick on a Trinidad Oilfield. B.W.I. S3 - 3




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The tall framework of this oil derrick is being set up over this oil well. It will support boring equipment or raise and lower lengths of pipes to assist in the extraction of oil from this well. There are men working at nearly every corner of the base of the derrick, two men are in the field and there is a man working on a platform in the air, to ensure that it is properly erected. To the left of this structure are a number of buildings, which are probably sheds, where the extracted oil will be stored. There is another oil derrick in the background at left and behind it, on the hill, are two large oil storage tanks.


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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Petroleum industry and trade--Trinidad and Tobago, Cranes, derricks, etc.--Trinidad and Tobago, Oil fields--Trinidad and Tobago, Sheds--Trinidad and Tobago, Oil industry workers--Trinidad and Tobago, Forests and forestry--Trinidad and Tobago, 1932