Caribbean Report 21-02-1992


In this report the General Manager of the CARIFESTA board speaks with the Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Culture on the budget allocated for the festival and reports on its hosting in the midst of controversy that it might be postponed. There is another report on the airline industry and the routes taken up by some with the demise of PANAM. Subsequent segments report on the payment of duties in Barbados and the postponement of a trade mission to Trinidad due to issues at home. There are also reports on the urging by the chairman to join CAB International and on the execution by firing squad of a terrorist convict in Cuba. The final segment reports on the hearing which started on the attempted overthrow of the government of Trinidad.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Report on the progress of the hosting of CARIFESTA by Trinidad in the midst of reports that it might be postponed (00:37-01:06)
3. Margaret Walcott, General Manager of the CARIFESTA board, speaks on the meeting with the Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Culture and on the CARIFESTA budget for which she claims support was heartily shown by the Minister (01:07-01:40)
4. Report on the routes taken up by other airlines with the demise of PANAM (01:41-02:23)
5. Interview with the Executive chairman of B.W.I.A., Joseph Esau on the servicing of these routes (02:24-04:50)
6. Report on the postponement of a visit to Trinidad and Tobago by a Barbadian trade mission due to the introduction of new duties at home (04:51-05:16)
7. Interview with Bobby Khan, of the Barbados Manufacturing Association on payment of duties (05:17-07:45)
8. Report on the urging of CARICOM countries to join the CAB International, formerly the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau by the chairman of the Commission Ulric Cross (07:46-08:18)
9. Interview with Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner to London, Ulric Cross on the regional membership which he has high on his list of priorities and on the implcations of the meeting scheduled for June (08:19-09:49)
10. Report on the Windward Islands Regional Constituent Assembly's opening of a meeting in Grenada to examine the prospects for political integration (09:50-10:14)
11. Alastair Hughes reports from St. Georges on the agenda and on the opening ceremony of the Assembly in Grenada and the progress so far, as well as the opinions of various leaders at the meeting (10:15-12:09)
12. Report on the execution by firing squad of a Cuban-American man convicted of terrorism in Cuba, despite calls for clemency (12:10-12:38)
13. Lionel Martin reports from Havana on the execution and on counter-revolutionary groups (12:39-14:18)
14. Report on the amnesty signed during the attempted overthrow of the government by the Muslimeen in trinidad and the self-dismissal of the presiding judge from the hearing (14:19-14:51)