Caribbean Report 26-08-1999 



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:28)
2. Official reports are confirming that the US will withdraw its full time military troops from Haiti. A proposal from the US Southern Command stipulates the removal of the remaining 450 troops and replacing these with rotating units of visiting soldiers. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense and Public Affairs and Pentagon Spokesperson Rear Admiral Craig Quigley discusses the withdrawal process including deployment of reserves, military engineering and medical units to rural areas. Keith Stone Greaves reports (00:29 – 03: 28)
3. United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan is calling for international funds to assist in the financing of Haiti electoral process. The US has pledged 3.5 dollars for new voter ID cards. Local radio analysts estimate that a total of 18 million dollars is needed to fully fund the election and improve engagement in electoral districts (03:29 – 04:02)
4. The US Chief Drugs Enforcer Barry McCaffrey is advocating for the US to support the Colombian government in its fight against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and stop the country’s illegal drug trade. General McCaffrey analyses the importance of Colombia to the region and the need to halt the production of heroin, cocaine and opium. Eduardo Gamarra, expert on US Drug policy in Latin America dismisses the suggestion of US military involvement in a ground war with FARC (4:03 - 09:30)
5. The Dominican Republic has brought in additional security help utilizing personnel from the US and Israel to assist with tackling crime and provide advice to local police force. Jean Michel Caroit reports (09:31 – 11:08)
6. The incoming head of the London metropolitan police is admitting that the force is facing a difficult task in winning the confidence of the black community. John Stevens is expected to face increasing pressure to improve race relations with the black community following the damaging report on how the force fail to serve black constituents. Orin Gordon profiles the landmark Macpherson report on race relations in Britain focusing on the killing of teenager Stephen Lawrence and which describes the Metropolitan police force as institutionally racist. John Stevens comments on his appointment. Suresh Grover spokesman for Lawrence campaign discusses police increased aggression in the black community following multicultural events such as Notting Hill carnival (11:09 – 13:35)
7. West Indies is currently in the role of cricketing mediator as the team accept an invitation to play India and Pakistan. Teams Pakistan and India cannot play in a joint tournament due to international conflict and the ongoing struggle for Kashmir territory. Cricket commentator Joseph "Reds" Perreira reports (13:36 – 15: 28)