Caribbean Report 25-03-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:23)
2. Independent territory Montserrat is on a collision course with Britain over issues of legalising homosexuality. British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook urges foreign territories to adopt and not be coerced into accepting Britain’s lenient approach in a recently release white paper on citizenship. Chief Minister David Brandt issues a statement on Montserrat government’s firm stance and opposition to decriminalising homosexuality (00:24 – 02:00)
3. In Montserrat the Volcano Recovery Budget is presented by Chief Minister David Brandt and estimated at one hundred and seventy million EC dollars. A rebuilding progamme for roads and other infrastructure, health and education, and concessions to the business community are highlights of the budget. David Brandt outlines key budget elements for the average Montserratian ( 02:01 – 03:03)
4. Earth tremors which rocked southern Dominica last September continue to be felt intermittently albeit at reduced intensity. An assimilation exercise involving regional security systems has been organized to sensitise the public of the dangers of an earthquake exercise and evaluate Dominica’s readiness for such a disaster. Curtis Matthews reports from Roseau on the two stage evacuation. (03:04 - 05:05)
5. Saint Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony awaits evidence that other countries are paying off debts to the OECS before commencing his country’s payment. This firm stand is a result of concern expressed by workers in the OECS Secretariat that all countries must resolve and meet their stated commitments. (05: 06 - 06: 12)
6. A landmark free trade and political corporation agreement between the European Union and South Africa could be used as a model pact for African, Caribbean and Pacific states (ACP). In an agreement European tariffs have been removed from South African industrial exports. Shridath Ramphal CARICOM chief negotiator discusses the trade pact and does not foresee it as a model for ACP countries (06: 13 - 09:00)
7. After two years of stalemate, Haiti has a new government. A new cabinet consisting of fifteen Ministers and five Secretaries of State and headed by Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis has been put in place by decree by President Renee Preval. Michael Norton and Ken Richards report (09:01 – 11:49)
8. Jamaicans are the number one target for police in the New York area. The findings in a secret training manual were made public by black police officers. Police officer DeLacy D. Davis a representative from the Black Cops against Police Brutality reveals the details of the document. Irwin Clare President of Caribbean Immigrants Services expresses his views on the procedures. Leslie Garth reports (11:50 -13:59)
9. In China authorities ban the sale of a biography on Cuba’s President Fidel Castro after protest by the Cuban Embassy in Beijing. The InterAmerican Press Association released a report on the freedom of press at a meeting attended by over three hundred newspapers editors. The meeting focussed on Cuba and challenged Cuba to adopt media reform (14:00 : 15:27)